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Encouraging national economic growth that is globally competitive through education on human resource competencies.

“Ready To Business – Ready To Work”

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CEO & Founder

We focuses on rural area

To Make Social Impact

Our ecosystem consists of

  • MSMEs
  • Millenials
  • The Expert
  • Corporate

From this ecosystem, we make solutions, among others

  • Blended Learning
  • Link & Match
  • Research & Development
  • Showcase

We help millennials and msmes in rural area to level up their skill & competencies through digitalization.

After finishing course and test users is helped to get a job or start and continue business to the next level….

Small Step Make A Big Difference

We Work Simple & Practical

Expert Pool

Share their knowledges & experiences


Creating product as a services


Finishing courses and tests

Link & Match

Connect them to business world and industrial world

Our Impact

The Changes

7000+ Users


1000+ MSMEs

Scale Up

100+ Millenials

Be Autonomous

40+ Cities


Why Choose Us?

Competitive Advantages

Micro Learning

Content is kept simple and on-point

Social Impact

Socio-economic effects in rural areas

Business Enabler

Assistance and support for business development

Job Enabler

Direct employment to the company or work as a freelancer

From Local To Global

Some Of Our Solutions

Testimonial From Users & Experts

Hundreds of clients and partners have increased their income with us.
Now is your turn!

Our Documentation

More Than 40 Cities

Seminars, Training, Workshop

Our Clients & Partners

Which Already Support

they support us to keep growing

Let's Connect

If you are Expert, Business Owner, BOD, Researcher, Student, MSME, Startup, Incubator, Angel Investor or Venture Capital.

"Let's work together and rock the world"